Call the Midwife Paper dolls

During the 4th season of Call the Midwife Pbs put out these paper dolls of the characters of the show.I saved them all and plan to print them out soon on some cardstock paper for safekeeping.

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A look at Doll Stamps: Franklin Mint

When collecting dolls from the Franklin Mint you get used to certain details on thier dolls. One of them is  the body stamp on the side of the doll. Usally it says for example: Diana Princess of #### and then the number and then Limited Edition .




Glamour example

Well while I was doing some research work for a project I am working on I discovered that my Diana in the black velvet gown was not stamped  as the above example.  In fact it isnt even stamped at all


My black velvet Diana Doll

This got me thinking about my last few dolls I bought from them.  So today I went on a stamp hunt  this is what I discovered .

Franklin Mint started to get lazy with the last dolls they made in the Diana line, gone were the nice cardstock coa’s in came the cheap slick paper ones.

Most of the last limited edition dolls do not say Limited Edition on the doll it self. So if you do not know what doll  you are looking at you have no idea if your doll is limited or not. Thankfully I have alot of the advertisements for the dolls I do own but now those are even getting harder to find . So today I went ahead and looked at the last few dolls that  purchased from the Fm.

Diana in the Aqaumarine dress

This one is marked Limted edition on the advertisement  this is what she looks like on the doll




The number on the left is the number of your doll  Mine is #810

The number on the right is the number of dolls  they made in this particular dress or style in this case it is 1,000.

The Kate Middleton dolls:  Engagement doll is limited to 5,000 world wide

This is what her stamp looks like notice they just put KATE on her and not the Portrait of a Princess  like it is on the box.


The wedding Kate stamp

weddingkatestampNotice that she does not have a  ###/#### on her  side this indicates that she is NOT a limited edition doll.

I am hoping a few of my other Dolly pals can check thier dolls for me and take photos of thier stamps  so we can really see what is exactly out there.

As  I start going through the rest of my dolls I will update this post.


Shirley Temple: A Real Doll

Today America learned of the Death of one of it’s Sweethearts Shirley Temple. She has been the subject of dolls for many years and while I do not own one my self a family friend was so kind to let me share her own Shirley doll photos.
I met Janice when I was just 18 years and newly married. Her son Steve was my husband’s friend during thier early years in the Navy. One weekend we all went up to Steve’s mom’s house and spent the weekend this is where I met Janice. That weekend she taught me how to make enchiladas and we all had a wonderful time
I also met Steves grandmother shortly after that and it as there that I discovered that she was also a  doll collector. She showed me her Doll Room and I was amazed at all the beautiful dolls. This was the first time I had ever seen a real DOLL ROOM and a real doll collection it was such a treat for me to see it.
Janice and I have reconnected on facebook and today she sent these photos through of her mother’s Shirley dolls these are some of the cutest dolls I have ever seen I love it when a doll comes with it own doll it just adds a little bit of life to the whole set. Thank you Janice for sharing your beautiful dolls

These Shirley dolls once belonged to Steve’s grandmother they are now a part of Janice’s Shirley collection

Guinevere Collection: a Special Gift


In 2003 the Franklin Mint released thier Guinevere Vinyl doll. I passed on her because at the time I had just  received the Czarinia doll as a birthday gift. Any one who knows me knows that I read alot of Historical fiction and love historical drama shows. It wasnt until I watch The “White Queen” that  I really started to regret that I had not ordered her and her fabulous clothes.  I actually gave up hope of ever owning one because of her prices on EBAY. This week I had done some work for a awesome person  who is starting up his own doll bussiness and asked me to be his asst. I agreed to do it and started to do some work for him.  Now my friend is really big in to buying up collections  and lately has really been getting some great deals .I was surfing Ebay this one afternoon and came across a auction with the entire Guinevere set listed. As a joke I sent the link to my friend I really didnt think he would buy it since it wasnt in his “line” of  dolls he was looking for  his own collection.  I never looked at the auction again until last night when he called me and said “Did you look at the link you sent me the other day?” “no ” I said ” Did you buy that collection?” He laughed and said “YEP “and got a good deal on it too…”. Then he said “I bought it for you ” Well that was it  I started to tear up. This has been one of the nicest things any one has done for me. I  have had a rough year this year  with moving two times and my son’s accident etc.  dolls has been the last thing on my mind  lately. I do like to look at doll auctions and if I know some one who is looking for that certain one I will pass the link on to them. I never dreamed that  I would have been blessed like this.  I know it is just a doll but the gesture of kindness means alot to me. I can not wait to see this doll and accessories  in person and actually play with her a bit and maybe take some photos  with my other dolls. this is one special gift and I will always treasure it.



These jewels are to die for!
I cant wait for her to get here so I cant take my own photos of her with my other Royal ladies She is just going to look fabulous!
Thank you Steven for blessing me with this gift.

New outfit for Duchess of Cambridge Doll

My dear friend Bea sent me one of my favorite outfits from Kate’s Southeast Asia tour,The White Eyelet outfit.The reason I loved this outfit is they fact that it is so crisp looking and eyelet is so pretty when worn the right way. The Duchess really rocked this outfit.

kateinwhiteMy Kate Doll wearing this outfit



Hallmark Sentimental Valentine Barbie

I have found that I tend to gravitate towards the costumes on Barbies rather than the theme  this is the case with this new doll that I added to my collection. She represents the 1830’s but she looks like she could very well be at the Court of Elizabeth the I. her shoes are actually flats rather than heels. I love her head piece. I will be adding more from the hallmark Holiday series as time goes by because the costumes are just too pretty to resist.





Screenshot from 2013-12-03 08:30:01

12 things you never knew about Cabbage Patch

It’s nearly that time of year—the time where crazy parents, slightly crazy parents, and parents who really don’t want to be crazy but also really want their kids to be happy start scheming about how to get their hands on that must-have toy. (Apparently Furbys are back, and these VIP Pets things, with their oddly human characteristics, would have mesmerized me back in the day.)

But you know who basically invented the whole toy madness thing? Cabbage Patch Kids, who turn 30 this year. (The pic below is from a Manchester, England, toy store in 1983. Tensions were running high.) And since I was wholly obsessed with mine as a kid—my Aunt Peggy’s long hours in line getting one for me were rewarded when we cracked open the birth certificate and found that my doll was named Peggy—I thought I’d dig into the history of the thing. I had no idea that…

Cabbage Patch Kids (Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images)

1. They were originally called Little People.

2. The Xavier Roberts guy who signed all the dolls (I never gave him much thought) was only 21 (and an art student) when he invented the dolls.

3. Um, the commercials are way creepier than I remember.

4. They’ve bounced around between basically every big toy company. After their original manufacturer, a company called Coleco, went bankrupt, CPKs were made by Hasbro, Mattel, Toys R Us, and Play Along (their current manufacturer) at different points in their history.

5. This is crazy: Before the dolls came along, Coleco was in the home-computer business and kind of sucking at it. Its $700 Adam home computer system was riddled with problems and became a total product disaster: The dolls pulled the company back from the brink of catastrophe. How’s that for diversifying?

6. There’s an actual Babyland General Hospital in Georgia, and it sounds weird and awesome. Apparently, the whole thing—which is still open to tourists today—is set up like a hospital nursery and adoption center, and the employees are in character as doctors and nurses.

7. In 1985, Cabbage Patch dolls did $600 million in business.

8. They made the cover of Newsweek on December 12, 1983.

9. Yeah, if people try to tell you nobody acted Walmart Black Friday levels of insane 30 years ago, just show them 1:03 in this video.

10. Erm, there is a couple in Maryland who have 5,000 dolls and call them their children.

11. Some of the most expensive Cabbage Patch Kids on eBay include a set of 2008 presidential/vice presidential candidatesPresident Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator John McCain, and Sarah Palin—for $59,999.99 and a Donald Trump Cabbage Patch doll for $6,750. Not to rain on this very expensive parade, but I think that Sarah Palin doll looks more like Kathy from the funnies.

12. The 12th and final thing you never knew about Cabbage Patch Kids: You never knew that Aaron Paul held two of them while staring soulfully into a camera at a publicity event in 2006. You’re welcome.

Angie’s Prom Dress

Alana Bennett has done it again she has recreated a copy of my mother’s prom dress  for Barbie. She really did a wonderful job for working from a old photograph.


 Mom’s Prom picture


High Fashion Kate Middleton Doll Arrives

Today I got a surprise at my door. I never sent in the order form for  this beauty but I am glad she came. Danbury Mint has been the best so far in making Kate  since the Franklin Mint  quit making her. I did notice that their dolls are full body porcelian which makes them better quality dolls.


Kate is wearing her ensemble she wore on her fist trip to  Canada.

The jewels on this doll are beautiful as well even the engagement ring looks better on this one than the wedding doll.The elatic to the hat is not visable which is also a nice feature


Her hair is not as curly as the wedding Kate from The Dm which is nice  because it really gives this doll a different look even though they used the same face sculpt.

DSCF3040Love the the Jewels on this one!


The hand bag is resin and the bracelet has a small sqaure  “Diamond” that rest on the top of the bracelet my photo is blurry .

Another great Doll from the Danbury Mint!

Now we just have to hope the Danbury Mint makes her with baby George .