Coming Soon For the Imperial Twins

The imperial Twins are going to be having a  disagreement soon. They over heard some one saying that they will be receiving  a new tiara to wear soon to the Summer ball. Here is a sneek peak at ther new gift coming soon. This tiara is based on the front  cover of the book The Property of a Lady by Elizabeth Alder. I found the book in the library and read it in two days I loved the story and the cover so much I wanted to have one for The Imperial twins. It was recreated by Sharon Williamson In the Uk who does awesome replicas of shoes and hand bags for Princess Diana and The Duchess of Cambridge.  Thanks Sharon for making this tiara  a reality!If you ever need anything special for your dolls send Sharon a message if she can make it  she will make it for ya.





Red Velvet Portrait Gown For a Czarina

Since I have missed the gowns for Czarina Alexandra doll  I had to have them made. I chose a very well known doll seamstress in the doll community that I have purchased from before to make the gowns. She had her own version of the Czarina and was able to make a perfect copy  of the  velvet  gown.

 Here is the Franklin Mint’s version

Here is Alana Bennett’s version

Just Gorgeous! I can’t wait to put it on my doll.

To order visit Alana’s Website

 Thank you Alana for accepting this commission from me.

Trunk For Fashion Dolls

Those of us who have collected the Franklin Mint Vinyl Fashion Doll have been able to get the trunks that went with our dolls.

Since poor Kate will not have a trunk  I had one made by a man here in town who has a workshop. This is a replica of the Fm trunks but in solid wood.

There is alot of decorating to do yet  and this weekend I plan on doing some of that. I love how it opens all they way  so much easier to display those awesome dol clothes!