Hallmark Sentimental Valentine Barbie

I have found that I tend to gravitate towards the costumes on Barbies rather than the theme  this is the case with this new doll that I added to my collection. She represents the 1830’s but she looks like she could very well be at the Court of Elizabeth the I. her shoes are actually flats rather than heels. I love her head piece. I will be adding more from the hallmark Holiday series as time goes by because the costumes are just too pretty to resist.





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Angie’s Prom Dress

Alana Bennett has done it again she has recreated a copy of my mother’s prom dress  for Barbie. She really did a wonderful job for working from a old photograph.


 Mom’s Prom picture


My $7.00 Holiday Traditions Barbie

Last month I went to a thrift store with a girlfriend of mine we were on the hunt for books. I wandered in to the toy section and found this pretty doll. She reminded me of Downton Abbey so I purchased her.  For $7.00 she is is wonderful shape she is just missing her shoes which shouldn’t be hard to find replacements for.

She is the 1996 Hallmark Holiday Tradition doll and this is what she would have looked like in her box.


  This is mine she is in such great condition considering her age.

But then again Barbie never ages!


One thing I like about her is that we can leave her out year round  Since her clothing is not exactly Christmassy looking.

Princess of England Barbie DOTW Series

I had this beauty for awhile and today I just freed her from her box.
She represents England in The Dolls of the World Series( Princesses). I love her because she reminds me of Jane Seymour from the Tudors.  Her face paint is very different from the run of the mill Barbie face. I love the gown and the  gable hood. Beautiful Doll.DSCF9725



Here she is with the Anne Bolyen Doll in my collection  The pink and Purple really play off of each other.


Kelly Gift Set : Charlie’s Angels

They are here and boy are they cute! I have discovered one thing I enjoy about collecting the Tv show and Movie Barbies is the write ups on the back of the boxes.  I love sharing the shows with my kids and telling about all the cool shows I used to watch.

I am back with Barbies

I know it has been a few years since I updated this blog but I am back with lots of dolly news to share.  First of all I began collecting Barbies . It all started with the Prince  William and Catherine Royal wedding gift set.  From there I decided to collect tv shows that I grew up with,   Ok enough chatting lets look at  photos.

Prince William and Kate Royal Wedding gift set

This set was released on valentines day  and  I did not hesitate I put blinders on to the fact that it cost 100.00 and ordered asap.  Boy was I ever so glad that I did  because now you have to get the set off Ebay.


Alexis and Krystal the Diva's of Dynasty

Then I purchased these gals  I loved watching the primetime soaps with my mother so these spoke to my spirit and in my mother’s honor  I  had to have these . They are just gorgeous  in person, and I love the fashion sketches on the back of the box

Who could forget  the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha from Bewitched, Another one of my favorite  childhood shows.

Barbie as Elizabeth Montgomery From Bewitched




Then I had to have the beautiful Farrah Fawcett doll that Mattel did in her honor shortly after her death.Who could resist this beautiful doll of the Texas beauty.


Well thats the newest additions to my doll collection of Barbies I am sure there will be more coming as  I locate the ones I have missed over the years. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my Kelly Charlies Angels set to display with my Farrah doll.   the next post will be on my Kate Doll collection ! Can’t wait to share them with you all.

A New Exciting Barbie Series


Today in my mail box I received news from Barbie Collectors.com That they were going to release a new series called My Favorite Barbie which feature spefic barbies from each year.  I am excited to see that 3 of my child hood dolls will be included in this series. I hope they add the Western Barbie and Golden Dreams. The dolls will come along with a reproduction vintage booklet. Finally, 50th anniversary collectible cards portray a vintage image reproduction on one side, and fascinating, little known Barbie® fun facts on the back.Right Now for the 70s and 80’s girls Malibu Barbie is only available in time for Christmas  this year the Superstar and Barbie the rockers will be released later on in 2009.

My Barbie Friends

like  most girls  I had  a few Barbies in my life. But sadly I  can only remember two that held a place in my heart.
One was Golden Dream Barbie she was given to me by my mother.  I don’t have a photo of me with her but I am sure there is one, it just hasnt turned up yet.
Barbies were quite exspensive when I was growing up.
 So I only would get a new one on christmas or special occasions.  One that sticks in my mind the most is when I went to Philadelphia to visit my relatives there. My grandparents Mcgee came to take my brother and I out for dinner  and we went shopping and they bought us new pjs and a toy. While walking down the Barbie aisle
My grand mother Mcgee ask me what doll I wanted I told her I had to wait for santa to come and bring my Barbie.She laughed and  told me that was nonsense, I could have one if I wanted one.  So I picked the Western Barbie doll.
My grandma found her horse and said “Oh look Danielle, we are taking him too!”Psss She didnt know Dallas was a girl horse:) I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.
The Western Barbie had a button in the back that you pressed and She would wink and stamp her autograph on the little photos of herself. 


Dallas was one of the prettiest doll  horses  I have ever seen. I taught my self how to braid on her beautiful mane.  
One thing I miss from my older Barbies is the beautiful artwork they used to put on the boxes. these are real treasures  These dolls are worth owning again just for the these beautiful drawings.