12 things you never knew about Cabbage Patch

It’s nearly that time of year—the time where crazy parents, slightly crazy parents, and parents who really don’t want to be crazy but also really want their kids to be happy start scheming about how to get their hands on that must-have toy. (Apparently Furbys are back, and these VIP Pets things, with their oddly human characteristics, would have mesmerized me back in the day.)

But you know who basically invented the whole toy madness thing? Cabbage Patch Kids, who turn 30 this year. (The pic below is from a Manchester, England, toy store in 1983. Tensions were running high.) And since I was wholly obsessed with mine as a kid—my Aunt Peggy’s long hours in line getting one for me were rewarded when we cracked open the birth certificate and found that my doll was named Peggy—I thought I’d dig into the history of the thing. I had no idea that…

Cabbage Patch Kids (Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images)

1. They were originally called Little People.

2. The Xavier Roberts guy who signed all the dolls (I never gave him much thought) was only 21 (and an art student) when he invented the dolls.

3. Um, the commercials are way creepier than I remember.

4. They’ve bounced around between basically every big toy company. After their original manufacturer, a company called Coleco, went bankrupt, CPKs were made by Hasbro, Mattel, Toys R Us, and Play Along (their current manufacturer) at different points in their history.

5. This is crazy: Before the dolls came along, Coleco was in the home-computer business and kind of sucking at it. Its $700 Adam home computer system was riddled with problems and became a total product disaster: The dolls pulled the company back from the brink of catastrophe. How’s that for diversifying?

6. There’s an actual Babyland General Hospital in Georgia, and it sounds weird and awesome. Apparently, the whole thing—which is still open to tourists today—is set up like a hospital nursery and adoption center, and the employees are in character as doctors and nurses.

7. In 1985, Cabbage Patch dolls did $600 million in business.

8. They made the cover of Newsweek on December 12, 1983.

9. Yeah, if people try to tell you nobody acted Walmart Black Friday levels of insane 30 years ago, just show them 1:03 in this video.

10. Erm, there is a couple in Maryland who have 5,000 dolls and call them their children.

11. Some of the most expensive Cabbage Patch Kids on eBay include a set of 2008 presidential/vice presidential candidatesPresident Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator John McCain, and Sarah Palin—for $59,999.99 and a Donald Trump Cabbage Patch doll for $6,750. Not to rain on this very expensive parade, but I think that Sarah Palin doll looks more like Kathy from the funnies.

12. The 12th and final thing you never knew about Cabbage Patch Kids: You never knew that Aaron Paul held two of them while staring soulfully into a camera at a publicity event in 2006. You’re welcome.

My first Dolls: The Clown Buddies

I found this the other day  in some family photos it is me as a baby with two of my first dolls. Hilarious! These clowns  look very scary and I dont think I was too happy with them.

Handmade Love For My 10th Birthday

In 1982 I turned ten  and Ispent my  tenth birthday in Pennsylvania with My Aunt and Uncle and my grandparents Mcgee.  That year my grandparents bought me a baby doll that I chose out of the Jcpenny’s catalogue. My Aunt Alice secretly made a whole wardrobe of beautiful doll clothes for her. These clothes were the most beautiful doll clothes I have ever seen. This was the first time anyone has done anything so special for me. I spent many hours dressng  that doll and shared many secrets with her. After the death of my mother my doll and the clothes were stolen from our storage unit  but I never forgot all the love and long hours my aunt poured in to making them for me.

Snuggles By Ideal

Ideal came out with these dolls i think around 1983 they were called Snuggles. you pull the string in the back and thier head would rotate against thie item they were holding either a blankie , teddy bear or a pillow. I remember mine wearing purple pjs and having red hair.I have not been able to find too much information on them I don’t think they were too popular back then or perhaphs given to children who were toddlers during that year. The ones I have seen show up on the secondary market seem to be missing their snuggly item or are very dirty in apperance. I dont think this one was on my favorites as I don’t have many memories of playing with mine that often.

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My Barbie Friends

like  most girls  I had  a few Barbies in my life. But sadly I  can only remember two that held a place in my heart.
One was Golden Dream Barbie she was given to me by my mother.  I don’t have a photo of me with her but I am sure there is one, it just hasnt turned up yet.
Barbies were quite exspensive when I was growing up.
 So I only would get a new one on christmas or special occasions.  One that sticks in my mind the most is when I went to Philadelphia to visit my relatives there. My grandparents Mcgee came to take my brother and I out for dinner  and we went shopping and they bought us new pjs and a toy. While walking down the Barbie aisle
My grand mother Mcgee ask me what doll I wanted I told her I had to wait for santa to come and bring my Barbie.She laughed and  told me that was nonsense, I could have one if I wanted one.  So I picked the Western Barbie doll.
My grandma found her horse and said “Oh look Danielle, we are taking him too!”Psss She didnt know Dallas was a girl horse:) I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.
The Western Barbie had a button in the back that you pressed and She would wink and stamp her autograph on the little photos of herself. 


Dallas was one of the prettiest doll  horses  I have ever seen. I taught my self how to braid on her beautiful mane.  
One thing I miss from my older Barbies is the beautiful artwork they used to put on the boxes. these are real treasures  These dolls are worth owning again just for the these beautiful drawings.

Two Miss Piggy’s One Christmas


1979 Fisher Price Piggy Puppet 

In 1979 I recieved for christmas the Fisher Price Miss Piggy hand puppet. That was the same Christmas my mother purchased a Miss Piggy Teapot for my grandmother Lillian who collected Teapots. I remember shopping for that giftwith my mother and seeing Miss Piggy and telling my mom “Ohh Nanny would Like This One”. So we purchased it andtook it home and wrapped it together. My Mother just happend to asked me what I wanted and I told her a Miss Piggy Doll I was referring to the dress up version they had put out that year.  Christmas morning I was surprised with my own Miss Piggy only in puppet form. Miss Piggy went with me to grand moms house that morning.While we waited for her to open her christmas gift. Grandmom was having fun with the puppet I remember almost spoiling her surprise. But I was good and held off til she opened her gift and saw she had her own Miss Piggy.

piggyteapot.jpgGrandmom’s Miss Piggy Teapot

Once she saw it I hollered we both have Miss Piggys now! Oh how my grand mother laughed when she heard me.   Today the Miss Piggy teapot  is with me  My grandmother sent  it to me for my 30th birthday. She has become a family heirloom and she will be passed down to my daughter Brianna Who is also a Piggy fan. 

 I really don’t have room to display a puppet so instead the puppet.  I purchased the Franklin Mint version to represent my child hood doll.She looks DIVINE in her black gown and feather boa along with her trademark purple gloves.

.  porc_pig_20001.jpgThe Franklin Mint Edition of Miss Piggy 

Special Friends From my Aunt

The Summer of 1984 I went to visit my Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob In Pennsylvania.This was the beginning of the Cabbage Patch craze.My Aunt couldn’t find a cabbage patch doll in her town. So instead she found a doll that was similar to the infamous CPK’s She was called a Pumpkin Patch Kid.  We purchased her at  a high end drug store and I think she was like $20.00 at that time. I named her Alice after my grandmother Mcgee who had since passed away.  Alice was lost among the hustle and bustle of my life. And they are are not regularly sold on Ebay so replacing her will probably be impossible. I do have a photo of her and as soon as I locate it will add it.

My Aunt did however find some fabric that you  sew together and make character pillows in Cabbage Patch fabric. These she sewed and gave my brother and I one as a surprise one day what a very sweet surprise it was that day to see this little girl on my bed. She was a lovely companion for the plane ride home that year.

Pretty Curls By Ideal

mewithanotherdoll.jpgThis little dolls’s name is Pretty Curls She was made by Ideal and came with hair rollers and ribbons to fix her hair.  When I first saw this photo I couldn’t remember her name and then I did some research and discovered who she was.I believe she was gift from my mother for my birthday .This doll was released at the height of the perm era she came with hair rollers and “perm”solution so you could give her a perm.  I doubt her hair ever came out as nice as it looks in the photo below.I think the brunette is suppose to be pretty rare as I haven’t found one that looks like her yet.  prettycurl.jpg

From The Ideal Price Guide

Advertisement with her orignal selling priceprettycurlsad.jpg

This is how she came in her boxprettycurlsdoll.jpgprettycurlsdoll2.jpg

The Russ Dolls

Heidigsu87910065.jpgRose72152-1.jpg60a8_1.jpg June

In 1982 My Brother and I went to Philadelphia to vist some relatives there.  And while We were there we would eat at this resturant called Family Heritage resturant. They had a small gift shop there and had all kinds of little toys and dolls and stuffed animals. Mostly sold by the company called Russ. My Aunt and I would  spend alot of time looking at the different dolls they had. We would choose dolls that I could indentify with such as My birth month or flower. The ones I have are June(My birth Month)Rose(My birth flower)Angela (Mother’s name) and Heidi. I recieved Angela after my mother passed away. So she is very special to me. I believe Heidi was the last one my aunt purchased for me after that year the resturant didnt sell them any more. They are really great starter dolls and can be purchased rather cheaply on ebay. I purchased my daughter one a few years ago and she loves hers.Recently I discovered another variation of my Angela doll this one has her hair pulled back like Heidi’s and she wears a hat .Where as mine came to me with her hair down. I wonder what the story is behind this. I know mine defitnatly came with her hair down. So I wonder if these were made for other countries as well.

5e_1_b1.jpgANGELA I

Angela IIgsu87910064.jpg

1976 Raggedy Andy Search

apr782.jpgMy Uncle  sent this photograph to me by email of me with my Raggedy Andy doll.  I thought he would be easy to locate and replace but it turns out he is a special edition.this makes him harder to find he was created to help promote the 1976 Movie Raggedy Ann and Andy’s Musical Adventure.

raggedy23.jpg.raggedy-ann-movie-poster-we.jpgThe Movie Poster&Knickerbocker Ad

This movie was apparently overshadowed by the blockbuster hit Star Wars.So very few may remember going to the theaters to see it. The dolls were created by Knickerbocker and looks like to be 12 inches tall.