Angie’s Prom Dress

Alana Bennett has done it again she has recreated a copy of my mother’s prom dress  for Barbie. She really did a wonderful job for working from a old photograph.


 Mom’s Prom picture


A Walk Through my Mother In law’s House

My Mother In law sent me these photos of her doll collection that she has collected over the years. She traveled for her job and found most of her dolls in many different states.  My favorites in her collection is the Angel and her childhood doll. which is the last photo at the bottom.Thanks Sandy for sharing these!

Aunt Alice’s Preservation For Society Diana Doll

This doll was given to me by my Aunt Alice this was her only Diana doll in her collection she bought her at a small Doll shop in Pennsylvania. I inherited her in 2008 when I last visited. It is not a doll I would have purchased my self but since she belonged to my aunt  I am happy to have her.  Today I decided to fix her a up bit so I could  proudly display her.  This is what she looked like before her make over.


The tiara looked likea rhinestone bracelet and I have no idea what the white thing on the bottom is suppose to be  wih roses. So those came off.

Here is what she looked like when I took the white trim off  and roses.


Not bad  huh?

I added the Danbury Mint Queen Mary Tiara and the Franklin Mint Pearl studsDSCF9731

her arms are  moveable so  placed them behind her back  like Diana would stand in her younger years.


Brie’s latest Monster High Doll

I had to go to the store today and pick up some boxes and  I ventured down the Doll AISLE  Bad idea! This doll was on sale.I went ahead and picked  her up  for my daughter. I rarely  check  the Monster High dolls unless it is for Christmas  but this one was a bargin price and Brie loves the movie Phantom of the Opera so she was a perfect fit. She won’t be deboxed until our move next month but I was able to snap some pics. 


Brianna’s Little Elvis Doll


In 2004 I found this darling doll of Elvis as a toddler.  He was made for the Danbury Mint  by the artist PHYLLIS SEIDL. He is  one of our favorites in our collection . He came with the photo from 1937 that shows his mother and father.  he was chosen for my daughter at the beginning of her love affair with Elvis’s music   and gave her this little guy as a birthday present.   He still hold a special place in her room today .  We are still searching for the perfect hound dog for him though he just seems like he needs one to hold.    Little Elvis  is no longer available at the Danbury Mint but you can find him on Ebay.

An article about the Artist:

Presley Enterprises gives Phyllis go-ahead for doll


PHYLLIS Seidl is the only dollmaker in the world allowed to create a child doll of Elvis Presley. Mrs Seidl is working on a dollmaking series titled Children of Destiny and the first doll in the series of famous children is Elvis Presley. She said it was a long process to produce an Elvis doll. She had to get permission from Elvis Presley Enterprises before she could start it and then she had to send her doll to them to be inspected to make sure it met their stringent requirements. Then discussions were held with Danbery Mint which was the only company permitted to produce and sell the doll. A display of dolls by Mrs Seidl and other artists were on show at the Glengallan Homestead on Saturday where Mrs Seidl spoke to interested dollmakers.There was a good response from interested people. I explained to them how they could start and had examples of doll making at different stages on display, Mrs Seidl said. ?I’ve been making dolls for more than 20 years and have done several trips to America where the Professional Art Dolls Maker Guild is located and I am a master member. ?They were the group which I contacted before I started Elvis and they were a great help as guiding me in the right direction to make Elvis.?? The Elvis Presley child doll was released in America about three months ago and has been a popular seller. The Elvis doll has been nominated for the Doll of the Year Award and Dolls Award of Excellence. Mrs Seidl got the inspiration for Elvis as a child from a photo of his family. The Elvis doll I sent to America was excellent in detail even down to his little clothes he was wearing at the time,?? she said. Mrs Seidl is currently working on a doll of Princess Diana as a child at the age of 13. ?It is a lengthy process for a dollmaker to get permission,?? she said. I have been working on the Diana doll and hope to take her to the International Doll Expo at Las Vegas in July 2006. During her 20 years of making dolls, she has produced a range of Koori Kids dolls (Koori means people) and they have been popular in Sydney and especially in America. Elvis facts Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. At age 11, his parents took him to the local hardware to buy a .22 rifle. His mother decided it was too dangerous. She offered to buy him a guitar and that?s where his career began.


I haven’t found her version of the 13 year old Diana as of yet  but the search  will continue.


Aunt Alice’s Betsy Wetsy

Daddy on the Right, Aunt Alice on the left With Betsy

While I was paying a visit to My Aunt and Uncle in Pennsylvaina I was able to go through the family photos with my Aunt. I found this treasure of a photo that was taken by a great uncle of mine. In the photo is my Daddy and My Aunt she is holding her Betsy Wetsy Doll that she recieved that christmas.Aunt Alice shared with me that she really loved that baby and it was the only nice doll she ever got because my grandparents had very little.  Her joy didnt last long my daddy got a hold of her and took her for a tumble down the stairs Betsy’s eyes never closed again like they were suppose to. She has treasured this photo of my dad and her all these years and it sits on the table in the guest room. Daddy is gone but his little prank still live on in his sister’s precious memories.



The Campbell Kids Dolls

In 1982 I met My Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob for the first time.  We went to stay at thier home for the summer while my Mother was ill and was getting well.  As we entered thier home I instantly fell in love with these little dolls that sat at the bottom of her steps leading to the bed room upstairs. They were Campbell Kids dress in  scottish attire. They were made from a promotional kit that my aunt sent away for. They were put together by her neighbor Charlotte Organsky who would make  some of my childhood dolls  up until 1990 .  These dolls still sit in thier special spot at my aunt’s home and they are still my favorites of my aunt’s  doll collection.  Every time I go home to see my aunt and uncle I make sure to pay the “kids” a visit they are one of my fondest memories of my aunt’s home. Unforutunatly my photos of  Me with  the”Kids” is missing and I will have to wait til I get home from my trip the Pennsylvania this summer to share that photo with you.






My Grandmother’s Baby Doll

After the sudden passing of my grandmother my family and I sat around her dining room table going through family photographs. We came across several photos of her as a child one of her with her pet dog and another one of her holding a baby doll on her lap. Being doll collector I asked for these treasures. My uncle said that I could bring them home. Ever since I have been intrested in my grandmother’s doll and started a search to find a copy for my own collection.   The search was impossible because I couldn’t make out the dolls face from the postion it was laying on her lap.  A few weeks later my uncle sent me 2 more photos of her with the same doll this time one had the doll facing forward. Boy was I excited to see those photos! I was able to nail the doll down to  Baby Dimples.Only because of her face her legs look cloth from   one  angle and in the 3rd photo you can see she had toes. So I am just guessing that the camera  they had back then didnt pick up the details very good. Then I found this advertisement for the doll as well. All three of the photos I have and the advertisement will be framed and displayed with my copy of my grandmothers doll  when I have  her restored . My only regret is that I can not share these discoveries with my grandmother I would have loved to hear stories of her “baby”.  My daughter and I decided to give our copy of her doll  the name Lily in honor of grandmom I am sure she would have approved.

My Grandmother Lillian and I In 1975 


Baby Dimples Advertisment