Aunt Alice’s Preservation For Society Diana Doll

This doll was given to me by my Aunt Alice this was her only Diana doll in her collection she bought her at a small Doll shop in Pennsylvania. I inherited her in 2008 when I last visited. It is not a doll I would have purchased my self but since she belonged to my aunt  I am happy to have her.  Today I decided to fix her a up bit so I could  proudly display her.  This is what she looked like before her make over.


The tiara looked likea rhinestone bracelet and I have no idea what the white thing on the bottom is suppose to be  wih roses. So those came off.

Here is what she looked like when I took the white trim off  and roses.


Not bad  huh?

I added the Danbury Mint Queen Mary Tiara and the Franklin Mint Pearl studsDSCF9731

her arms are  moveable so  placed them behind her back  like Diana would stand in her younger years.


Diana’s Aqua Versace Gown

This gown was Worn by Diana to a Middle Eastern Country in which she recieved a special order.  I saw this  gown in person a few years ago at the Diana a Celebration exhbit . I have been waiting for some one to make this for the Diana doll So I could add it to my collection . My Dear friend Bea Prieto made it and sent me a copy.   I used some earrings I purchased from Judy Langer on Diana and they look fabulous with this dress.


Diana is not on her stand thats why her gown looks long on the bottom.

Actual gown on the right hand side.


Closer look at the neckline and Judy’s earrings


Little Lady Diana By Franklin Mint

In 2003 Little Lady Diana made her first appearance She was made by the Franklin Mint and most collectors who passed her up like my self were too busy trying to finish the Adult Diana series. Who knew she would be one of those hard to get dolls in the future. She was planned with a three outfit wardrobe and and a trunk that was shaped like a hand bag.  Her outfits were  to resemble Diana’actual gowns she wore but made more on the little girl scale.

I had he chance to see her in person when I visited  friend and I have to admit she is really a darling little doll. I tried several times to win one on eBay and  I had no luck once she went out of my range of what I was willing to pay and the second time I won her for $30.00 and the seller never shipped her.  Well I finally lucked out and I was able to acquire one for my collection. I probably wont be buying her other outfits because the one she came in is just cute enough to use at Christmas time.

She is just too cute for words!

Historical Madame Alexandra Dolls addtions to my collection

Since I discovered the Franklin Mint dolls I sort of ignored The legendary Madame Alexandra. Well that was until the company began making historical dolls.   Recently I have added two Madame Alexandra dolls to my historical collection.

The first one was the Duchess of Devonshire  I had to have her because I also  have thier version of Princess Diana. Just a little history note:The Duchess of  Devonshire is Diana’s  great great  great aunt.  and was also the fashion icon of her time.


Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire

The second one that I had to have was thier version of Anne  Boleyn  I wanted one that would fit in with the Diana’s  so when they came out with the Alex Ford as Anne  I knew I had to find a way to add her to my collection.


Here she is with Diana

two gorgeous  dolls of my favorite historical women.

Remembering Diana Thru Collecting Her Dolls

Face Shot of Princess of StyleIn the spring 1997 I decided to get back in to doll collecting because my daughter was born that year. I bought a few Barbies that were out that year but I didn’t connect with the Barbies and I had grown out of the baby doll phase. Then August 31st the world lost Princess Diana. Growing up in the 80’s era I had always admired her. I instanly remembered seeing advertisements for dolls that were made in her honor when I was growing up the Danbury Mint Bride Diana and the Danbury Mint Vinyl dress up Diana doll being two of the most popular ones. I then decided that if they were going to make Diana dolls which soon happend in 1998 then I would try to get one. In the beginning I only wanted *one*   doll to represent the Princess. My husband had taken me to the mall to pick out one Diana doll gosh was I so excited. In to the Franklin Mint store we went and I started looking around at that time they only had three dolls of Diana created  I chose the Princess of Style. Well once I got her home I knew I was hooked I started to recieve every Diana flyer imaginable in the mail. Diana was coming out in doll form from just about every doll company that could make her.

Vinyl Princess Diana The Vinyl Diana doll became my next one on the list to get and boy was her clothing series a fun thing to get in the mail every other month.

  Diana's trunk and outfitsThis is where my daughter got in to the action with me she was just 2 yearsold when our vinyl Diana arrived and she loved to wait for the mail man everyday to see if the Princess would get a new outfit in the mail. after I would dress the doll, Brianna would have the honor of putting her shoes on. Here we are 21 Diana dolls later and still enjoying our passion together i take pride in knowing my daughter  will have lots of great memories to go with these dolls when they become hers one day .I really love this series of dolls because I remember all the outfits she wore so its a little bit of my childhood and a wonderful way to remember the Princess of Wales.