Guinevere Collection: a Special Gift


In 2003 the Franklin Mint released thier Guinevere Vinyl doll. I passed on her because at the time I had just  received the Czarinia doll as a birthday gift. Any one who knows me knows that I read alot of Historical fiction and love historical drama shows. It wasnt until I watch The “White Queen” that  I really started to regret that I had not ordered her and her fabulous clothes.  I actually gave up hope of ever owning one because of her prices on EBAY. This week I had done some work for a awesome person  who is starting up his own doll bussiness and asked me to be his asst. I agreed to do it and started to do some work for him.  Now my friend is really big in to buying up collections  and lately has really been getting some great deals .I was surfing Ebay this one afternoon and came across a auction with the entire Guinevere set listed. As a joke I sent the link to my friend I really didnt think he would buy it since it wasnt in his “line” of  dolls he was looking for  his own collection.  I never looked at the auction again until last night when he called me and said “Did you look at the link you sent me the other day?” “no ” I said ” Did you buy that collection?” He laughed and said “YEP “and got a good deal on it too…”. Then he said “I bought it for you ” Well that was it  I started to tear up. This has been one of the nicest things any one has done for me. I  have had a rough year this year  with moving two times and my son’s accident etc.  dolls has been the last thing on my mind  lately. I do like to look at doll auctions and if I know some one who is looking for that certain one I will pass the link on to them. I never dreamed that  I would have been blessed like this.  I know it is just a doll but the gesture of kindness means alot to me. I can not wait to see this doll and accessories  in person and actually play with her a bit and maybe take some photos  with my other dolls. this is one special gift and I will always treasure it.



These jewels are to die for!
I cant wait for her to get here so I cant take my own photos of her with my other Royal ladies She is just going to look fabulous!
Thank you Steven for blessing me with this gift.

New outfit for Duchess of Cambridge Doll

My dear friend Bea sent me one of my favorite outfits from Kate’s Southeast Asia tour,The White Eyelet outfit.The reason I loved this outfit is they fact that it is so crisp looking and eyelet is so pretty when worn the right way. The Duchess really rocked this outfit.

kateinwhiteMy Kate Doll wearing this outfit



High Fashion Kate Middleton Doll Arrives

Today I got a surprise at my door. I never sent in the order form for  this beauty but I am glad she came. Danbury Mint has been the best so far in making Kate  since the Franklin Mint  quit making her. I did notice that their dolls are full body porcelian which makes them better quality dolls.


Kate is wearing her ensemble she wore on her fist trip to  Canada.

The jewels on this doll are beautiful as well even the engagement ring looks better on this one than the wedding doll.The elatic to the hat is not visable which is also a nice feature


Her hair is not as curly as the wedding Kate from The Dm which is nice  because it really gives this doll a different look even though they used the same face sculpt.

DSCF3040Love the the Jewels on this one!


The hand bag is resin and the bracelet has a small sqaure  “Diamond” that rest on the top of the bracelet my photo is blurry .

Another great Doll from the Danbury Mint!

Now we just have to hope the Danbury Mint makes her with baby George .




Aunt Alice’s Preservation For Society Diana Doll

This doll was given to me by my Aunt Alice this was her only Diana doll in her collection she bought her at a small Doll shop in Pennsylvania. I inherited her in 2008 when I last visited. It is not a doll I would have purchased my self but since she belonged to my aunt  I am happy to have her.  Today I decided to fix her a up bit so I could  proudly display her.  This is what she looked like before her make over.


The tiara looked likea rhinestone bracelet and I have no idea what the white thing on the bottom is suppose to be  wih roses. So those came off.

Here is what she looked like when I took the white trim off  and roses.


Not bad  huh?

I added the Danbury Mint Queen Mary Tiara and the Franklin Mint Pearl studsDSCF9731

her arms are  moveable so  placed them behind her back  like Diana would stand in her younger years.


Princess of England Barbie DOTW Series

I had this beauty for awhile and today I just freed her from her box.
She represents England in The Dolls of the World Series( Princesses). I love her because she reminds me of Jane Seymour from the Tudors.  Her face paint is very different from the run of the mill Barbie face. I love the gown and the  gable hood. Beautiful Doll.DSCF9725



Here she is with the Anne Bolyen Doll in my collection  The pink and Purple really play off of each other.


Czarina Gowns are Complete!

Thanks to a very talented seamstress I now have the  Czarina gowns  that I missed out from Franklin Mint . These were  copied from the actual gowns  just made better.  The first one is a replica of a gown the Czarina actually wore in a portrait wih the Czar


This next gown is based on a portrait  of  Dowager Empress  Maria Feodorovna.

The Franklin Mint made it to be worn by thier Alexandra  Doll .

I think they had the two Empress’s mixed up when looking for gowns to make for Alexandra

As far as I can find

Empress Maria is the only one who wore a red  velvet gown.

Thank you Alana for making these for me. They are are just beautiful!

Rexard & Nisbit Royal Dolls

Today I found my Rexard dolls  and we had a photo shoot today!

Rexard dolls are made more for the costumes than they are  for the likerness of the person that they are supposeto represent.

My favorite so far is Henry VIII  the one pictured is My out of the box Henry and he is missing one of  his pearls on his hat.

 I love the colors on his costume and his face is the best I have seen for this size doll.

 Next is Catherine Parr she is the only one I have so far that has the hand tag


 Then we have Jane Seymour in blue


 Queen Elizabeth I

Mary Queen of Scots I love her hanging Cross which is made out of metal
Rexard dolls are  what you would call strung dolls thier limbs are held by rubber bands so they are not made for little kids. they are ment to be admired by who love costumes from the different Eras.

Henry VIII By Peggy Nisbit

Peggy Nesbit is one of the world’s reknown doll makers she made various historical figures  and paid homage to alot of Brittian’s Monarchs

 This is the only one of the Nesbits I have in my collection so far. He was purchased for me

 by one of my best friends who repainted his face and gave him dashing new feather in his cap!

 Henry is a very sturdy doll  he is very weighty ( no pun intended your majesty!)

and will stand on his own unlike some of the Rexards that are lighter and will fall over.

Red Velvet Portrait Gown For a Czarina

Since I have missed the gowns for Czarina Alexandra doll  I had to have them made. I chose a very well known doll seamstress in the doll community that I have purchased from before to make the gowns. She had her own version of the Czarina and was able to make a perfect copy  of the  velvet  gown.

 Here is the Franklin Mint’s version

Here is Alana Bennett’s version

Just Gorgeous! I can’t wait to put it on my doll.

To order visit Alana’s Website

 Thank you Alana for accepting this commission from me.

The Queen Mum Doll By Showstoppers

A friend of mine has this doll and I fell in love with her. She is the only doll that i could find that represented the Queen mum in a decent size to fit with the others in my collection.  She is made by a company called Showstoppers  who have since went out of bussiness.  They would sell  British import items such as tea and knicknacks and  Dolls. I happen to find her on ebay.   I bid on her and held the low bid and my friend Jody bid on her thinking some one outbid me and ended up winning her.  So The Queen Mum spent some time at Jodys  While I made payments to Jody for her upkeep  LOL.  It was the funniest situation Consideing that Jody ended  up paying over $100.00 for her and then the following week we watched another one go out at $24.99 ! Just too Funny but that what happens in this hobby.

The Queen Mum finally arrived  last month and I couldn’t wait to get a good look at her She is missing her Cane and I think she needs a hand bag  but that is no big deal I know enough people who can make those .

She really is cute!  and Such a good likeness  too.


Even has her signature Pearls


Close up of her brooch

Every one smile now for the Camera!