Franklin Mint Kate Wedding Doll


One way I am able to add to my collection is that I am able to help my fellow doll pals with thier websites and help them create a place of thier own to show case thier work  Whether it be a doll seamstress or a fellow collector. This is how I was able to obtain the Kate Middleton doll. She came as a payment for some website work I did for a lady who was starting her own doll store on Ebay.


I am very excited to have this doll in my collection because now we all know that the Franklin Mint has quit making thier vinyl dolls and Kate is the last personality that they have made.  There are several thngs I love about this doll.  First of all the jewels  those of us who have collected dolls from this company knows no one can beat them when it comes to reproducing thier doll jewels.


Perfect Replica of Kate's Halo Tiara

The box for this doll is beautiful as well  just like the Engagment box there is a photo liner this one  showing Westminster Abbey

Kate has both rings as well On the right hand she has the Sapphire Ring on the left her gold wedding band.

The Wedding Bouquet is the perfect scale as well.

Not but not least a beautiful profile shot of the “Bride”

She really is  a beautiful doll  and a wonderful addtion to my “Kate” Collection  which now brings me to three Bridal versions of the Duchess.

Little Lady Diana By Franklin Mint

In 2003 Little Lady Diana made her first appearance She was made by the Franklin Mint and most collectors who passed her up like my self were too busy trying to finish the Adult Diana series. Who knew she would be one of those hard to get dolls in the future. She was planned with a three outfit wardrobe and and a trunk that was shaped like a hand bag.  Her outfits were  to resemble Diana’actual gowns she wore but made more on the little girl scale.

I had he chance to see her in person when I visited  friend and I have to admit she is really a darling little doll. I tried several times to win one on eBay and  I had no luck once she went out of my range of what I was willing to pay and the second time I won her for $30.00 and the seller never shipped her.  Well I finally lucked out and I was able to acquire one for my collection. I probably wont be buying her other outfits because the one she came in is just cute enough to use at Christmas time.

She is just too cute for words!

An Angel and a Czarina : Comparison Photos

2010 Angel and the Czarina Doll

In 2002 I was given the Czarina Alexandra Doll from the Franklin Mint  for my birthday. She is a gorgeous doll that represents the  last Empress of Russia  Alexandra Romanov. I have always wanted another one but could never afford the prices. Well that was until I discovered that the 2010 Franklin Mint Angel Doll.  I went ahead and purchased one to just see what the differences were if there were any.  Her waist is the same as Czarina’s The face is the same The wings are attached to her gown  so they can be removed  and she is barefooted. But get this she can wear Princess Diana’s shoes! The halo is also removeable and can be easily removed from the bobby pin so you can pin her hair up.   I dressed her in a new Edwardian dress I purchased from Judy Langer of the Windy City Doll shop. and it fit perfect! She is now the Empress at Downton doll.




Longer hair


She really is beautiful doll for the price and I cant wait to add to her wardrobe!

 I am considering getting another one to just keep as a Angel.

 She is gorgeous in her Regal Finery!

Historical Madame Alexandra Dolls addtions to my collection

Since I discovered the Franklin Mint dolls I sort of ignored The legendary Madame Alexandra. Well that was until the company began making historical dolls.   Recently I have added two Madame Alexandra dolls to my historical collection.

The first one was the Duchess of Devonshire  I had to have her because I also  have thier version of Princess Diana. Just a little history note:The Duchess of  Devonshire is Diana’s  great great  great aunt.  and was also the fashion icon of her time.


Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire

The second one that I had to have was thier version of Anne  Boleyn  I wanted one that would fit in with the Diana’s  so when they came out with the Alex Ford as Anne  I knew I had to find a way to add her to my collection.


Here she is with Diana

two gorgeous  dolls of my favorite historical women.

Dolls of a Duchess: The Duchess of Cambridge

I  do not hide the fact that I am a avid royal watcher. I love it all the history, the pageantry, the fashions everything!

I have a pretty decent size collection of Diana Dolls and a few other members of the Royal family hold place in my collection.  So When the announcement of Prince William’s engagement came one November morning I began the hunt for the first doll that would be released of his wife to be, Now his Duchess.  I did not have to wait long Paradise Galleries  was the first doll company I ordered from. Then the Franklin Mint followed suit with their two Kate dolls that they had planned. But they were way out of my price range $295.00 for a wedding doll… I decided to wait. I did order the Danbury Mint version of Kate  because I knew that they would eventually would make William as well. Ashton Drake  did a version of Kate as well and gave us 2 dresses which is why I jumped on that one as soon as I could. Then Mattel surprised us with their version  as well. I finally did purchase the Franklin Mint Kate doll at a very good price at the Tuesday Morning website I am sure to check it every month or so you never know who will show up there. So far I have a  copy  of all the dolls that have been made of the Duchess of Cambridge with the exception of Arklu  I just could not bring my self to purchase that one.I hope there will be more for Kate fans in the future in the way of dolls like her mother in law before her she is becoming quite the fashion icon.Watch for William’s arrival in July I cant wait to see him in person.

Kate By the Franklin Mint



Ashton Drake Kate: Outfit came with Doll: Hat an Purse Made by Jane Mahlig, Shoes Painted red by Me.


Danbury Mint Kate



William and Kate by Mattel


Paradise Galleries Kate In one of thier new fashions for the doll.

I am back with Barbies

I know it has been a few years since I updated this blog but I am back with lots of dolly news to share.  First of all I began collecting Barbies . It all started with the Prince  William and Catherine Royal wedding gift set.  From there I decided to collect tv shows that I grew up with,   Ok enough chatting lets look at  photos.

Prince William and Kate Royal Wedding gift set

This set was released on valentines day  and  I did not hesitate I put blinders on to the fact that it cost 100.00 and ordered asap.  Boy was I ever so glad that I did  because now you have to get the set off Ebay.


Alexis and Krystal the Diva's of Dynasty

Then I purchased these gals  I loved watching the primetime soaps with my mother so these spoke to my spirit and in my mother’s honor  I  had to have these . They are just gorgeous  in person, and I love the fashion sketches on the back of the box

Who could forget  the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha from Bewitched, Another one of my favorite  childhood shows.

Barbie as Elizabeth Montgomery From Bewitched




Then I had to have the beautiful Farrah Fawcett doll that Mattel did in her honor shortly after her death.Who could resist this beautiful doll of the Texas beauty.


Well thats the newest additions to my doll collection of Barbies I am sure there will be more coming as  I locate the ones I have missed over the years. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my Kelly Charlies Angels set to display with my Farrah doll.   the next post will be on my Kate Doll collection ! Can’t wait to share them with you all.

The Royal Residents

I started collecting Royal  dolls while taking a break from Princess Diana dolls. At that time I had all the dolls that were created of her by the Franklin Mint and was looking for other royalty related dolls.I started out looking for the set of Queen by Franklin mint and I  aquired Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. I chose them because the film Elizabeth was one of my favorite films at the time and There was a film on Queen Victoria that I really enjoyed.   I decided  I  wanted a younger version of Victoria in my collection.Lately my quest to complete my Tudor Royal Family has been  a challenge so far. Rexard dolls are small costume dolls that were mainly sold in England to tourist shops  you can find many of your favorite english history characters in these dolls.

These are my Rexard Dolls 

 King Henry VIII, Catherine Parr, Catherine Howard, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria.

A dear friend of mine has sent me two lovely dolls from England . They were done by the Little  Gallery  shop in penzance and the shop is closed now but every once in a while we can spot of of these beauties on Ebay.Last year she sent me Anne Bolyen and Catherine Howard for my birthday these dolls are about the size Barbie and can wear her shoes if thier orignals are misplaced.  I also have thier version of Henry I just love Henry dolls he has been one of my favorites to collect so far.

The Bears Come to Court! 

I also have picked up several Cherished Teddies that have the royalty theme,these were UK exclusives and i had to pay a pretty penny to get them all. I have King Henry VII,Queen Elizabeth I,Queen Victoria,and King Richard. These little cuties are displayed with the courtly members of the curio cabinet. You never know who may decide to come  to court  so come back soon and check out  to royal  residents.