My Cabbage Patch doll


mewithtodd.jpgOne of my most memorable dolls was my cabbage patch kid doll my grand mother Lillian purchased for me the Christmas of 1984. He became a special doll to me because I received him the first Christmas with out my mother she had passed in November of that year. I remember sitting on the floor with my brother trying to think of a name  and we both chose Todd Theodore,  (Theodore is a family name.)Todd some how got lost in the hustle and bustle of my life but I never forgot him and how much he meant to me that Christmas morning.  In January of 2008 My grand mother Lillian passed away. While helping my family go through family photographs I came across a photo of me with Todd.

When I got home I decided to start looking for him I knew I could never find my original but I figured I could find one that would represent him. Ebay became the place where I would look for my long lost friend it took about a week to actually find one that had the original clothes and had brown eyes.He is home now with me and has place of honor on the shelf in my bedroom. Every time I look at him I think of my grandmother and how she tried so hard to make christmas special that year for my brother and I

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  1. I bought one of these when they were popular and no one could find them — I think he is packed in a box somewhere along with my big Spock Bear – LOL!

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