Snuggles By Ideal

Ideal came out with these dolls i think around 1983 they were called Snuggles. you pull the string in the back and thier head would rotate against thie item they were holding either a blankie , teddy bear or a pillow. I remember mine wearing purple pjs and having red hair.I have not been able to find too much information on them I don’t think they were too popular back then or perhaphs given to children who were toddlers during that year. The ones I have seen show up on the secondary market seem to be missing their snuggly item or are very dirty in apperance. I dont think this one was on my favorites as I don’t have many memories of playing with mine that often.

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  1. I owned one at the age of ten. My father bought her for me. She was Purple and had a yellow and pink blanket. My mother put her in her original box and kept her in thier shed until about four years ago. My Father was cleaning and threw her away without realizing how much she meant to me. I played with her all the time.
    I am looking for one just like her. If you find anyone with one for sale please let me know.

  2. YES! I had the same doll in purple and loved it. My cousin stole it from me and wrote her name all over my dolls face! LOL Now 30 years later she wants to replace it. LOL Great doll

  3. I had one i called Snuggle Ups. I think i must have enhanced the name. Her head would rotate when you pull the string and it made almost a purr sound. i got her in the very early 80s. Probably 81 0r 82 maybe later.

  4. I believe these dolls were made from 1978 – 1981. This was my favorite doll ~ I received her for Christmas in 1979. I have several pictures with her. For the last 2 years I have been trying to identify the doll in all my pictures. I remember her very well, just never know the name of the doll. My mother recently passed away, so I was unable to ask her. I also got the Snuggle Rocking Horse at the same time. Mine wore yellow pj’s with red hair. I finally identified the doll a couple of days ago and immediately went to ebay to see if there were any for sale. To my surprise, I purchased the rocking horse in the original box still sealed and also a doll with yellow pj’s and red hair. She is very clean. I would just suggest checking ebay on a regular basis, I’m sure one will appear.

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