The Campbell Kids Dolls

In 1982 I met My Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob for the first time.  We went to stay at thier home for the summer while my Mother was ill and was getting well.  As we entered thier home I instantly fell in love with these little dolls that sat at the bottom of her steps leading to the bed room upstairs. They were Campbell Kids dress in  scottish attire. They were made from a promotional kit that my aunt sent away for. They were put together by her neighbor Charlotte Organsky who would make  some of my childhood dolls  up until 1990 .  These dolls still sit in thier special spot at my aunt’s home and they are still my favorites of my aunt’s  doll collection.  Every time I go home to see my aunt and uncle I make sure to pay the “kids” a visit they are one of my fondest memories of my aunt’s home. Unforutunatly my photos of  Me with  the”Kids” is missing and I will have to wait til I get home from my trip the Pennsylvania this summer to share that photo with you.






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