Aunt Alice’s Betsy Wetsy

Daddy on the Right, Aunt Alice on the left With Betsy

While I was paying a visit to My Aunt and Uncle in Pennsylvaina I was able to go through the family photos with my Aunt. I found this treasure of a photo that was taken by a great uncle of mine. In the photo is my Daddy and My Aunt she is holding her Betsy Wetsy Doll that she recieved that christmas.Aunt Alice shared with me that she really loved that baby and it was the only nice doll she ever got because my grandparents had very little.  Her joy didnt last long my daddy got a hold of her and took her for a tumble down the stairs Betsy’s eyes never closed again like they were suppose to. She has treasured this photo of my dad and her all these years and it sits on the table in the guest room. Daddy is gone but his little prank still live on in his sister’s precious memories.



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  1. I too have a Betsy Wetsy — and a Terri Lee doll – my Grandmother and Aunt made clothes for the Terri Lee doll and luckily they also fit Betsy Wetsy doll too! My sister had a brunette Terri Lee doll and mine was blonde.

    Would love to share pics on your blog here……….. another idea!

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