Historical Madame Alexandra Dolls addtions to my collection

Since I discovered the Franklin Mint dolls I sort of ignored The legendary Madame Alexandra. Well that was until the company began making historical dolls.   Recently I have added two Madame Alexandra dolls to my historical collection.

The first one was the Duchess of Devonshire  I had to have her because I also  have thier version of Princess Diana. Just a little history note:The Duchess of  Devonshire is Diana’s  great great  great aunt.  and was also the fashion icon of her time.


Georgiana The Duchess of Devonshire

The second one that I had to have was thier version of Anne  Boleyn  I wanted one that would fit in with the Diana’s  so when they came out with the Alex Ford as Anne  I knew I had to find a way to add her to my collection.


Here she is with Diana

two gorgeous  dolls of my favorite historical women.

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