Little Lady Diana By Franklin Mint

In 2003 Little Lady Diana made her first appearance She was made by the Franklin Mint and most collectors who passed her up like my self were too busy trying to finish the Adult Diana series. Who knew she would be one of those hard to get dolls in the future. She was planned with a three outfit wardrobe and and a trunk that was shaped like a hand bag.  Her outfits were  to resemble Diana’actual gowns she wore but made more on the little girl scale.

I had he chance to see her in person when I visited  friend and I have to admit she is really a darling little doll. I tried several times to win one on eBay and  I had no luck once she went out of my range of what I was willing to pay and the second time I won her for $30.00 and the seller never shipped her.  Well I finally lucked out and I was able to acquire one for my collection. I probably wont be buying her other outfits because the one she came in is just cute enough to use at Christmas time.

She is just too cute for words!

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