The Queen Mum Doll By Showstoppers

A friend of mine has this doll and I fell in love with her. She is the only doll that i could find that represented the Queen mum in a decent size to fit with the others in my collection.  She is made by a company called Showstoppers  who have since went out of bussiness.  They would sell  British import items such as tea and knicknacks and  Dolls. I happen to find her on ebay.   I bid on her and held the low bid and my friend Jody bid on her thinking some one outbid me and ended up winning her.  So The Queen Mum spent some time at Jodys  While I made payments to Jody for her upkeep  LOL.  It was the funniest situation Consideing that Jody ended  up paying over $100.00 for her and then the following week we watched another one go out at $24.99 ! Just too Funny but that what happens in this hobby.

The Queen Mum finally arrived  last month and I couldn’t wait to get a good look at her She is missing her Cane and I think she needs a hand bag  but that is no big deal I know enough people who can make those .

She really is cute!  and Such a good likeness  too.


Even has her signature Pearls


Close up of her brooch

Every one smile now for the Camera!

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