The Russ Dolls

Heidigsu87910065.jpgRose72152-1.jpg60a8_1.jpg June

In 1982 My Brother and I went to Philadelphia to vist some relatives there.  And while We were there we would eat at this resturant called Family Heritage resturant. They had a small gift shop there and had all kinds of little toys and dolls and stuffed animals. Mostly sold by the company called Russ. My Aunt and I would  spend alot of time looking at the different dolls they had. We would choose dolls that I could indentify with such as My birth month or flower. The ones I have are June(My birth Month)Rose(My birth flower)Angela (Mother’s name) and Heidi. I recieved Angela after my mother passed away. So she is very special to me. I believe Heidi was the last one my aunt purchased for me after that year the resturant didnt sell them any more. They are really great starter dolls and can be purchased rather cheaply on ebay. I purchased my daughter one a few years ago and she loves hers.Recently I discovered another variation of my Angela doll this one has her hair pulled back like Heidi’s and she wears a hat .Where as mine came to me with her hair down. I wonder what the story is behind this. I know mine defitnatly came with her hair down. So I wonder if these were made for other countries as well.

5e_1_b1.jpgANGELA I

Angela IIgsu87910064.jpg

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