Rexard & Nisbit Royal Dolls

Today I found my Rexard dolls  and we had a photo shoot today!

Rexard dolls are made more for the costumes than they are  for the likerness of the person that they are supposeto represent.

My favorite so far is Henry VIII  the one pictured is My out of the box Henry and he is missing one of  his pearls on his hat.

 I love the colors on his costume and his face is the best I have seen for this size doll.

 Next is Catherine Parr she is the only one I have so far that has the hand tag


 Then we have Jane Seymour in blue


 Queen Elizabeth I

Mary Queen of Scots I love her hanging Cross which is made out of metal
Rexard dolls are  what you would call strung dolls thier limbs are held by rubber bands so they are not made for little kids. they are ment to be admired by who love costumes from the different Eras.

Henry VIII By Peggy Nisbit

Peggy Nesbit is one of the world’s reknown doll makers she made various historical figures  and paid homage to alot of Brittian’s Monarchs

 This is the only one of the Nesbits I have in my collection so far. He was purchased for me

 by one of my best friends who repainted his face and gave him dashing new feather in his cap!

 Henry is a very sturdy doll  he is very weighty ( no pun intended your majesty!)

and will stand on his own unlike some of the Rexards that are lighter and will fall over.

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