Brianna’s Little Elvis Doll


In 2004 I found this darling doll of Elvis as a toddler.  He was made for the Danbury Mint  by the artist PHYLLIS SEIDL. He is  one of our favorites in our collection . He came with the photo from 1937 that shows his mother and father.  he was chosen for my daughter at the beginning of her love affair with Elvis’s music   and gave her this little guy as a birthday present.   He still hold a special place in her room today .  We are still searching for the perfect hound dog for him though he just seems like he needs one to hold.    Little Elvis  is no longer available at the Danbury Mint but you can find him on Ebay.

An article about the Artist:

Presley Enterprises gives Phyllis go-ahead for doll


PHYLLIS Seidl is the only dollmaker in the world allowed to create a child doll of Elvis Presley. Mrs Seidl is working on a dollmaking series titled Children of Destiny and the first doll in the series of famous children is Elvis Presley. She said it was a long process to produce an Elvis doll. She had to get permission from Elvis Presley Enterprises before she could start it and then she had to send her doll to them to be inspected to make sure it met their stringent requirements. Then discussions were held with Danbery Mint which was the only company permitted to produce and sell the doll. A display of dolls by Mrs Seidl and other artists were on show at the Glengallan Homestead on Saturday where Mrs Seidl spoke to interested dollmakers.There was a good response from interested people. I explained to them how they could start and had examples of doll making at different stages on display, Mrs Seidl said. ?I’ve been making dolls for more than 20 years and have done several trips to America where the Professional Art Dolls Maker Guild is located and I am a master member. ?They were the group which I contacted before I started Elvis and they were a great help as guiding me in the right direction to make Elvis.?? The Elvis Presley child doll was released in America about three months ago and has been a popular seller. The Elvis doll has been nominated for the Doll of the Year Award and Dolls Award of Excellence. Mrs Seidl got the inspiration for Elvis as a child from a photo of his family. The Elvis doll I sent to America was excellent in detail even down to his little clothes he was wearing at the time,?? she said. Mrs Seidl is currently working on a doll of Princess Diana as a child at the age of 13. ?It is a lengthy process for a dollmaker to get permission,?? she said. I have been working on the Diana doll and hope to take her to the International Doll Expo at Las Vegas in July 2006. During her 20 years of making dolls, she has produced a range of Koori Kids dolls (Koori means people) and they have been popular in Sydney and especially in America. Elvis facts Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. At age 11, his parents took him to the local hardware to buy a .22 rifle. His mother decided it was too dangerous. She offered to buy him a guitar and that?s where his career began.


I haven’t found her version of the 13 year old Diana as of yet  but the search  will continue.


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