Pretty Curls By Ideal

mewithanotherdoll.jpgThis little dolls’s name is Pretty Curls She was made by Ideal and came with hair rollers and ribbons to fix her hair.  When I first saw this photo I couldn’t remember her name and then I did some research and discovered who she was.I believe she was gift from my mother for my birthday .This doll was released at the height of the perm era she came with hair rollers and “perm”solution so you could give her a perm.  I doubt her hair ever came out as nice as it looks in the photo below.I think the brunette is suppose to be pretty rare as I haven’t found one that looks like her yet.  prettycurl.jpg

From The Ideal Price Guide

Advertisement with her orignal selling priceprettycurlsad.jpg

This is how she came in her boxprettycurlsdoll.jpgprettycurlsdoll2.jpg

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