Special Friends From my Aunt

The Summer of 1984 I went to visit my Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob In Pennsylvania.This was the beginning of the Cabbage Patch craze.My Aunt couldn’t find a cabbage patch doll in her town. So instead she found a doll that was similar to the infamous CPK’s She was called a Pumpkin Patch Kid.  We purchased her at  a high end drug store and I think she was like $20.00 at that time. I named her Alice after my grandmother Mcgee who had since passed away.  Alice was lost among the hustle and bustle of my life. And they are are not regularly sold on Ebay so replacing her will probably be impossible. I do have a photo of her and as soon as I locate it will add it.

My Aunt did however find some fabric that you  sew together and make character pillows in Cabbage Patch fabric. These she sewed and gave my brother and I one as a surprise one day what a very sweet surprise it was that day to see this little girl on my bed. She was a lovely companion for the plane ride home that year.

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  1. do u know where i can find this fabric to sew together a doll. I got a similar one with blonde hair when I was a child that i still have to this day (i’m 25). I have a new cousin who was unexpected and I would love to make one for her. It’s a family joke. Please let me know if you have any ideas where i can find it. I have been searching everywhere. Thanks!!

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