Shirley Temple: A Real Doll

Today America learned of the Death of one of it’s Sweethearts Shirley Temple. She has been the subject of dolls for many years and while I do not own one my self a family friend was so kind to let me share her own Shirley doll photos.
I met Janice when I was just 18 years and newly married. Her son Steve was my husband’s friend during thier early years in the Navy. One weekend we all went up to Steve’s mom’s house and spent the weekend this is where I met Janice. That weekend she taught me how to make enchiladas and we all had a wonderful time
I also met Steves grandmother shortly after that and it as there that I discovered that she was also a  doll collector. She showed me her Doll Room and I was amazed at all the beautiful dolls. This was the first time I had ever seen a real DOLL ROOM and a real doll collection it was such a treat for me to see it.
Janice and I have reconnected on facebook and today she sent these photos through of her mother’s Shirley dolls these are some of the cutest dolls I have ever seen I love it when a doll comes with it own doll it just adds a little bit of life to the whole set. Thank you Janice for sharing your beautiful dolls

These Shirley dolls once belonged to Steve’s grandmother they are now a part of Janice’s Shirley collection

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