A look at Doll Stamps: Franklin Mint

When collecting dolls from the Franklin Mint you get used to certain details on thier dolls. One of them is  the body stamp on the side of the doll. Usally it says for example: Diana Princess of #### and then the number and then Limited Edition .




Glamour example

Well while I was doing some research work for a project I am working on I discovered that my Diana in the black velvet gown was not stamped  as the above example.  In fact it isnt even stamped at all


My black velvet Diana Doll

This got me thinking about my last few dolls I bought from them.  So today I went on a stamp hunt  this is what I discovered .

Franklin Mint started to get lazy with the last dolls they made in the Diana line, gone were the nice cardstock coa’s in came the cheap slick paper ones.

Most of the last limited edition dolls do not say Limited Edition on the doll it self. So if you do not know what doll  you are looking at you have no idea if your doll is limited or not. Thankfully I have alot of the advertisements for the dolls I do own but now those are even getting harder to find . So today I went ahead and looked at the last few dolls that  purchased from the Fm.

Diana in the Aqaumarine dress

This one is marked Limted edition on the advertisement  this is what she looks like on the doll




The number on the left is the number of your doll  Mine is #810

The number on the right is the number of dolls  they made in this particular dress or style in this case it is 1,000.

The Kate Middleton dolls:  Engagement doll is limited to 5,000 world wide

This is what her stamp looks like notice they just put KATE on her and not the Portrait of a Princess  like it is on the box.


The wedding Kate stamp

weddingkatestampNotice that she does not have a  ###/#### on her  side this indicates that she is NOT a limited edition doll.

I am hoping a few of my other Dolly pals can check thier dolls for me and take photos of thier stamps  so we can really see what is exactly out there.

As  I start going through the rest of my dolls I will update this post.


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