The Royal Residents

I started collecting Royal  dolls while taking a break from Princess Diana dolls. At that time I had all the dolls that were created of her by the Franklin Mint and was looking for other royalty related dolls.I started out looking for the set of Queen by Franklin mint and I  aquired Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. I chose them because the film Elizabeth was one of my favorite films at the time and There was a film on Queen Victoria that I really enjoyed.   I decided  I  wanted a younger version of Victoria in my collection.Lately my quest to complete my Tudor Royal Family has been  a challenge so far. Rexard dolls are small costume dolls that were mainly sold in England to tourist shops  you can find many of your favorite english history characters in these dolls.

These are my Rexard Dolls 

 King Henry VIII, Catherine Parr, Catherine Howard, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria.

A dear friend of mine has sent me two lovely dolls from England . They were done by the Little  Gallery  shop in penzance and the shop is closed now but every once in a while we can spot of of these beauties on Ebay.Last year she sent me Anne Bolyen and Catherine Howard for my birthday these dolls are about the size Barbie and can wear her shoes if thier orignals are misplaced.  I also have thier version of Henry I just love Henry dolls he has been one of my favorites to collect so far.

The Bears Come to Court! 

I also have picked up several Cherished Teddies that have the royalty theme,these were UK exclusives and i had to pay a pretty penny to get them all. I have King Henry VII,Queen Elizabeth I,Queen Victoria,and King Richard. These little cuties are displayed with the courtly members of the curio cabinet. You never know who may decide to come  to court  so come back soon and check out  to royal  residents.

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