A Familiar Face???

Once again while I was searching on ebay I discovered this little baby and I don’t know why she strikes a chord with me I think it may be two  things either I had her as child and don’t remember or it could be  because she looks like the smaller wind up babies I posted this weekend about. The only difference is She runs on batteries and looks to be about a medium size doll. The hair is molded and her bottom looks similar to the  Wind up  babies. Her maker is Playmates  and she has the date 1975. I will be watching her and trying to make up my mind if I should buy her or not she sure looks awful  Familiar to me.

One thought on “A Familiar Face???

  1. There is a Rexard Anne Bolelyn doll on the UK ebay auction site. title – Vintage Doll – Anne Boleyn – thought you might be interested!

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