My Grandmother’s Baby Doll

After the sudden passing of my grandmother my family and I sat around her dining room table going through family photographs. We came across several photos of her as a child one of her with her pet dog and another one of her holding a baby doll on her lap. Being doll collector I asked for these treasures. My uncle said that I could bring them home. Ever since I have been intrested in my grandmother’s doll and started a search to find a copy for my own collection.   The search was impossible because I couldn’t make out the dolls face from the postion it was laying on her lap.  A few weeks later my uncle sent me 2 more photos of her with the same doll this time one had the doll facing forward. Boy was I excited to see those photos! I was able to nail the doll down to  Baby Dimples.Only because of her face her legs look cloth from   one  angle and in the 3rd photo you can see she had toes. So I am just guessing that the camera  they had back then didnt pick up the details very good. Then I found this advertisement for the doll as well. All three of the photos I have and the advertisement will be framed and displayed with my copy of my grandmothers doll  when I have  her restored . My only regret is that I can not share these discoveries with my grandmother I would have loved to hear stories of her “baby”.  My daughter and I decided to give our copy of her doll  the name Lily in honor of grandmom I am sure she would have approved.

My Grandmother Lillian and I In 1975 


Baby Dimples Advertisment



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