My Barbie Friends

like  most girls  I had  a few Barbies in my life. But sadly I  can only remember two that held a place in my heart.
One was Golden Dream Barbie she was given to me by my mother.  I don’t have a photo of me with her but I am sure there is one, it just hasnt turned up yet.
Barbies were quite exspensive when I was growing up.
 So I only would get a new one on christmas or special occasions.  One that sticks in my mind the most is when I went to Philadelphia to visit my relatives there. My grandparents Mcgee came to take my brother and I out for dinner  and we went shopping and they bought us new pjs and a toy. While walking down the Barbie aisle
My grand mother Mcgee ask me what doll I wanted I told her I had to wait for santa to come and bring my Barbie.She laughed and  told me that was nonsense, I could have one if I wanted one.  So I picked the Western Barbie doll.
My grandma found her horse and said “Oh look Danielle, we are taking him too!”Psss She didnt know Dallas was a girl horse:) I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.
The Western Barbie had a button in the back that you pressed and She would wink and stamp her autograph on the little photos of herself. 


Dallas was one of the prettiest doll  horses  I have ever seen. I taught my self how to braid on her beautiful mane.  
One thing I miss from my older Barbies is the beautiful artwork they used to put on the boxes. these are real treasures  These dolls are worth owning again just for the these beautiful drawings.

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  1. I still have my original Barbie – only found out this year via other fb Barbie groups that she is a #3 – brown eye shadow instead of blue….. no holes in her feet either. Thinner waist than my Midge doll…. Got her between 2nd and 3rd Grade. It is fun to share our love of dolls with other doll lovers!

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