Two Miss Piggy’s One Christmas


1979 Fisher Price Piggy Puppet 

In 1979 I recieved for christmas the Fisher Price Miss Piggy hand puppet. That was the same Christmas my mother purchased a Miss Piggy Teapot for my grandmother Lillian who collected Teapots. I remember shopping for that giftwith my mother and seeing Miss Piggy and telling my mom “Ohh Nanny would Like This One”. So we purchased it andtook it home and wrapped it together. My Mother just happend to asked me what I wanted and I told her a Miss Piggy Doll I was referring to the dress up version they had put out that year.  Christmas morning I was surprised with my own Miss Piggy only in puppet form. Miss Piggy went with me to grand moms house that morning.While we waited for her to open her christmas gift. Grandmom was having fun with the puppet I remember almost spoiling her surprise. But I was good and held off til she opened her gift and saw she had her own Miss Piggy.

piggyteapot.jpgGrandmom’s Miss Piggy Teapot

Once she saw it I hollered we both have Miss Piggys now! Oh how my grand mother laughed when she heard me.   Today the Miss Piggy teapot  is with me  My grandmother sent  it to me for my 30th birthday. She has become a family heirloom and she will be passed down to my daughter Brianna Who is also a Piggy fan. 

 I really don’t have room to display a puppet so instead the puppet.  I purchased the Franklin Mint version to represent my child hood doll.She looks DIVINE in her black gown and feather boa along with her trademark purple gloves.

.  porc_pig_20001.jpgThe Franklin Mint Edition of Miss Piggy